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Our dearest lovely Maggie. She’s turning 1 in less than 2 months! Time flies indeed. I feel like it was just yesterday when she was born.

Maggie’s Day 1

Maggie’s real name is Janyn Margaux. Janyn which came from her Mom (Janyss) and Margaux from her Dad (Marco). The rhyming names from her Parents, as cute as it may seem, actually means something as well. Janyn derived from Janine means “Gift from God” while Margaux from the name Margaret means Pearl. See, I know it’s not a coincidence, I love pearls, and I know I am meant to love my niece… forever.

Okay, enough with the cheesy part. My cute little niece has this amazing talent. She knows how to smile and act in front of the camera. Imagine, she’s only 10 months and can already strike a pose! What more when she’s turned 7 years old, right?  I have a strong feeling that our precious pearl is going to be a big star one day. Look at this pose.


See? I’m not kidding. Who would have known this cutie is only 10 months!

She has her own set of pictorials and VTR Auditions already. She’s really bound to become a star. And look at her awards — Out of 100 plus babies who came to compete, she became part of the Top Finalists and won the “World’s Perfect Parent & Child Tandem” Award together with her Mumsy. That is definitely something!

She is also a natural born entertainer, whenever they have visitors in the house, she would always flash her biggest smile to show her cute gums. And she won’t sleep until the visitor has left. That’s how serious Maggie is with her “Entertaining Skills”.

I’ll show you guys more of her pictures to get you updated as she grows up. I’ll most probably have a post in 2 months about her birthday.


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