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Okay, so I bought this phone for Php13,999 because my iphone 6’s battery got busted and I did not want to spend more money to get the all new iphone 7 – not now. I’d like to wait for the Iphone 8 and rather spend my money somewhere else.

This phone weighs 118g with 6.99mm thickness. Runs on an Android OS, v6.0 or Marshmallow with 16GB Storage and micro SD Card slot. For almost Php14,000, you get a 5.2″ wide multi-touch screen with 1080×1920 pixels(424 ppi pixel density), a DUAL 13MP +5 MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash, 2GB RAM and a non-removable battery pack with 2520mah.

My previous iphone 6 only had an 8MP Camera so this definitely has a better one. Only thing I noticed is that, iphone gives a better, more lively shot when you capture things with natural sunlight. Maybe because LG has less aperture with  f/2.0 VS. the iphone 6’s  f/2.2. The XCAM also has this selfie-flash feature for when you want to take a selfie during the evening and has a fish eye wide angled shot that makes taking group shots and landscapes easier.

Not bad for a Mid-Range phone, right?

The only thing that gets me is the charging. It takes us almost 3 long hours before it gets fully charged. I did not have that problem with the iphone, when they say lightning fast charging they meant it. No, I don’t think it’s the unit because my partner bought the same phone so not the unit. BUT, it lasts really long. A full charged battery pack can go on for 12 hours with wifi use.

So is it a YAY or a NAY? For me it’s definitely a YAY.

LG gives us the value for our money in the XCAM. So if you’re planning to get a mid-range unit with a good operating system and a decent camera, you might want to consider checking this one out.


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